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Child and Family Therapy

Play based

Research tells us, that play is central to children's development, interpersonal relationships, and joy. 

Team approach

Giving tree has strong ties to our community. We include all formal and informal supports we can in children's care.

Sensory friendly

We strive to provide a sensory flexible environment to meet the different needs of our clients.


We understand how the needs of our clients are unique. We are flexible to meet your needs and appreciate feedback. 

Family priotized

We prioritize connection with family and caregivers. Our practice policy is to meet monthly with parents and caregivers individually to collaborate. In most cases, we start all session with a parent and child check in. 

OPWDD recipients

We invite participation in therapy from folks who have been previously left out of psychotherapy spaces. We welcome people who are non-speaking and/or are intellectually disabled. 

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